About Tlaero

I’m a software developer who lives in the United States and, in my past, was also a science fiction writer. I highly value my anonymity and work hard to keep this part of my life (erotic games developer) separate from my professional and personal lives. I use a number of names online, but the two most relevant are “Tlaero” and “Tlaera.” I slightly prefer “Tlaera,” but am better known as “Tlaero.” Either is fine. (By the way, it’s pronounced “Tah lair oh.”)

Although I had played a number of different kinds of erotic games prior, Ariane Barnes’ virtual date game opened my eyes to what these games could be. To encourage people to write more games like hers, I created a tool called “Adventure Creator” and gave it to the community. Although people used the tool to make some good games, I wanted to see the space move in some different directions. So I teamed up with an artist named Phreaky and wrote four games of my own: Meeting Keeley, Getting to Know Christine, Life with Keeley, and Coffee for Keisha. I’m extremely pleased at how well received they have been.

When Phreaky stopped working on games, I teamed up with a fantastic new artist named Mortze. We’ve produced our first game together, Dreaming with Elsa, and are working on others. In general, I write the story and the code, while Mortze handles the art. Usually I write the dialog first, and he creates the art to match, but the reverse tends to be true in the sex scenes. We also collaborate on each other’s parts quite a bit, with him suggesting changes in the story and me suggesting changes in the art.

I won’t say much about my personal life, but I’m a fairly typical nerd. I like science fiction, comic books, video games, and heavy metal. But I’m also a rock climber, a skateboarder, and a snowboarder. I value eroticism where the women are intelligent, humanly proportioned, and treated respectfully. I’m also more interested in stories where the couple is faithful to each other than ones where one or both of them cheat. The adage is, “write what you enjoy,” so these are the kinds of games you can expect from me.