Darkness Falls

We were searching for a new idea for a game that was sort of different from the mainstream games. I know that we kind of do different games already but we wanted to do something even more distinct. We are very fond and nostalgic of the 80’s and the 90’s so we came with this idea of merging several themes. We knew that we’d like to stay in the Elsaverse though. That’s when the idea of a crime solving erotic game came to place.

In this game you’ll play Nathaniel Blake, a older-than-our-ordinary-male character, that is a police detective and finds himself teamed up with a brash new partner, Michelle Won. Together they’ll investigate several cases allowing you to discover more about the Elsaverse – and more particularly, the city where previous games have taken place.

This is a much darker game in tone, and we’ve focused – even more – on linear storytelling. It might be more a visual novel than a game. It’s also less heavy on the erotic side, since the goal here isn’t about to seduce anyone, but to solve crimes.

We hope you’ll like Darkness Falls.

To download the game, go HERE.