Shorties are a bunch of small stories, some in the format of the usual games, other in illustrated text, that we remembered doing to add fluff to the Elsaverse.

Dreaming with Elsa: Learning to Fly

We’ll be in a dream made by Elsa and she’ll learn us to, well… fly. But Elsa will learn something too…

You can download it here


Royal Guard

Royal Guard is a short story that develops a little of Xara’s past. It’s good fluff addition to the Elsaverse games.

You can download it here


Dreaming with Elsa: Dreaming with the Dead

This is a Special Halloween we did 2 years ago. We follow Jason who participates – again – in Elsa’s dream fantasies.

You can download it here


Dream Master

Dream Master is an illustrated text where Tlaero narrates us a beautiful little story that will tell us a great deal about the Elsaverse, answering a few questions.

You can download it here. The downloaded version has Italian, Spanish and French translations.





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