About me

Hi there! Thank you for your interest!

My artistic name is Mortze and I live in southern Europe.

I’ve only started to explore 3D Erotica, as a player first, for the past 3 years and discovered a new passion. I enjoyed some games so much that I had to try to figure how the authors did it. I’ve always had some creative genes, drawing and writing, and playing tabletop RPGs, so I felt compelled to try and find out.

A fellow artist, and an inspiration, Pusooy, guided me on my first steps. I started using 2 softwares only, DAZ3D Studio and Adobe Photoshop. As I tried and tried, exploring both programs to the max, I found a buried vocation. See, my academic formation and professional paths are far related from 3D art. There is a point in your life where you have to think about what you want to do, who you want to be. And doing a work that neither gives me any kind of enjoyment or fulfilling was not the path I wanted to follow. So I took a risk. I am taking a risk. I’ll try to make a way, and a living, out of this wonderful activity, a hobby turned into a job. What can you expect better?

To gain experience and some starting renown I answered Tlaero’s call for an artist and we produced our first game in less than 6 months. It got a huge success, beyond all my expectations, and that motivated me to pursue this career. She also provided me, and many other artists, with a fantastic tool to make this kind of games without any need to learn code.

I do share some of my Artists inspirations (like Pusooy and Erogenesis) points of view towards 3D Erotica. This is not new. Sexual variety has been around society for ages, as a mean to both arouse and amuse the audience. There are many kinds of erotica and pornography. I do not know where I do fit, it depends on many parameters. But what I know is that I explore sexual fantasies. Mine and yours.

Have fun around here!