Welcome to MortzeArt! This is a place of pure erotism and sexual fantasies. I am a 3D erotica artist and this site will be a mean to promote and provide you my work.

As far I’ve only produced a finished game, in colaboration with Tlaero – Dreaming with Elsa.

I’m currently producing my own game and starting another one with Tlaero.

I’d define the games I make as visual novels with hints of gameplaying. Some might have puzzels, others RPG elements, but the core of what I like to do is a mix between characterization and sexual build-up. I’d also love to explore general fantasies and some taboos. More on that soon.

I’ve yet not settled down on the format of the games deliveries. I do need to make a living out of this, and, even if genuine apreciation is what fuels my inspiration, it doesn’t pay my bills. I’ll have to think about if I’ll choose some donations program, crowd-funding or patronage, or something more akin to membership.

What I know is that I intend to fully participate on this site. Either by providing news and spoilers on games in progress, render pics of old games, give free some games and pics, and most important, get your feedback and ideas about the games I do and those you’d like to see and play. For that I intend to make a forum soon to allow everybody to share insights, opinions and all kind of comments.

I think, overall, this will be a fun project and I’m certainly very excited about it!


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