Pandora is done and ready to play!

Hello folks,

Some time since our last talk.

I’ve been very busy finishing Pandora. It’s done! It’s ready to play here on the site or you could download it. Just go to the Pandora page.

The reason why I haven’t talked much here is because I’m fully involved with my Patreon page where Tlaero and I talk about our progress with the current games. We also post nice little gifts there, four our patrons, like short stories, nice and sexy pictures, and get everyone involved with our games.

Each week the patrons also get a nice picture I render. All good stuff 🙂

You don’t have to be a paying patron to follow our updates there. We make them public. So if you want to follow me and Tlaero, and our games, just tune to our Patreon page.

I hope you like Pandora! Sail well.



11 thoughts on “Pandora is done and ready to play!

  1. I really want to play this game but I cant on my mobil device this is all I have and I cant play any of your games anymore and it saddens me

  2. I finished the game literally in a few hours from release to find the “Better Ending”. I was anticipating this for a while and am extremely happy with the results. I am already eager to see your next project threw ‘other’ eyes.

  3. Hello Mortze and Tlaero,

    first of all: I don’t even know if you’ll read this, I will write my comment nonetheless if you will some day.
    second: I know my english is horrible, but I’ll try my best to make everything as clear as possible 😀

    I am really happy about the upload of Pandora. I found your games only recently (4 months ago) and was since the first minute a huge fan.
    I never really knew about these kind of games and I wasn’t expecting much but you opened my eyes of what I was missing.

    Loving it all, the graphics, the writing, the character and the details. Pandora part 1 was one of my favorites of your games even though they were all great. I had so much joy in playing them and always a smile on my face because it was so entertaining.

    The reason why I liked pandora so much is the setting and the characters. It was so great to see that you guys don’t always use stereotypes and try something new and different.
    Me for example: I’m also kinda the nerdish guy, maybe a bit more fit than Kean but no cute face and a bit pale. Very shy but nice, that’s how people describe me, and that’s just how Kean is. (maybe I’m a bit less the star wars guy)

    So it was great to see the pov from the “loser guy” because I could identify so well with him. Couldn’t even believe that a girl like Rita ever would look me into the eyes but sometimes you’re lucky if you’re a good guy I guess. Overall your games always get me into a great mood.

    I think I could write much more but it couldn’t even nearly describe my appreciation of all the hard work you guys do for us.
    So thank you, thank you so very much! I wish you all the best for the future and maybe for some more awesome games.

    Btw: my favorite character of Pandora were Rita and Laura 🙂



  4. Loved the game, Mortze!
    I was eagerly waiting for the part 2, even though I don’t contribute t o Tora Productions Patreon , I’m always following the works of you and Tlaero, and when things get better in the financial side, you can expect my support.

    As I said I loved the game, and I really liked Kean and his relationship with Maggie. I’m aware of some criticism about him on Shark’s Lagoon forums , but for me, his awkward timid behavior and nerdyness was what make him unique, relatable and a believable character (somewhat different from majority of other males in this kind of games).
    I think we could trace a parallel between Kean and Shinji from Evangelion, They behave as they should, and are very consistent with this behavior, but some people expect different things from them(Maybe because the genre these characters are from) and frustrated perceive them as “bad” characters. But they’re not.

    Also, the KOTOR reference was great, but a Saint Seiya one, really? How many people you think will get it?
    Sorry, but I have to ask, are you French, or Brazilian? heheh, as these are the only places that I know where Saint Seiya was a thing!

  5. Hey there, good to hear from you after such a long time!
    I do wish you’d post here more often, but I understand that some priority was put to bundle energies on Patreon.

    As for Pandora: Thank you.

    I am really impressed by your character creation and storytelling. This doesn’t apply just to Pandora, I honestly fell in love with the way you guys present these stories, visually as well.

    One piece of criticism though, I was really happy to find there was no point system to progress in Pandora.

    Especially with “Finding Miranda”, the conversation choices were often not logical to me and even thopugh I did like characters and story, I never got to finish the story, as I was getting frustrated with the point system.

    So maybe, if you do stick to the points, it would be great to have more obvious distinctions between the answers to give.

    Anyhow, I am really looking forward to more stories and I am in fact contemplating to support you guys.

    Keep it up and enjoy the summer!

  6. It was so good to find Chapter 2 of Pandora. The artwork is magnificent, and I love the character of Kean who was very real and was carried along by events while staying in character. You do like your pagan gods! as they tend to be promiscuous and abusive (eg the story of Europa) you clearly have much to work with in the future.

  7. Realy good Story. I love the game
    The characters are very intresting, i’d like to know more about Rita. She is my favourite character
    Go on with your work.
    Can’t wait for new chapters or games


  8. In regard of all the games: Great! There are some very good points that I liked, e. g. soul coming before sex. Regarding spelling: dropping the hyphen in hyphenated compound adjectives and nouns can lead to funny ambiguity, as in “like your great voice and dexterous guitar playing fingers”. Do you see? :–) Without the hyphen this makes it look like Jessica’s dexterous guitar plays some fingers. It should correctly be “guitar-playing fingers”. I’ve taken notes from your games of some of the misspelt hyphenated words; if Tlaero composes the screenplay lines, this is for him then:
    low-key (as an adjective or modifier)
    guitar-playing (fingers)
    And so on.

    I have a big crush on Xara, the blind martial arts teacher. She’s my hands-down top of the list. ;–)

    (And one last aside: I know it is hot to many people, but profuse pubic hair on women turns me off. Well, it’s no big deal, I like the game girls still.)

  9. I just played Pandora till the end and


    I thought it was just a little erotic game but I was quickly hooked to the story and characters and just couldn’t stop playing.

    Truly a beautiful game with erotic elements with a great Story, characters and ending. A great experience for me since I don’t usually play those kinds of games but I got positively surprised.

    I even listened to fitting soundtracks to get the most out of this story and it was just perfect. Pandora was a journey I enjoyed with all of my heart.

    Can’t wait for future games and I hope you’ll keep up the amazing work.


  10. Hello there(A star wars joke that I think is feating to this story)

    I just played Pandora and I siply loved it!!!!

    I am Greek so I understood the stories(Also I find funny the way Roos told it) and Cassandra’s praying. So I have some questions

    1)Nikki’s name in Greek means “win” was it on perpuse??

    2)Cassandra is a Greek name and her praying were towards Hera(Towards “the God and Mother to all”) to bring her courage to success the mission that she was assinged to. Were she a traitor???In history Cassandra was a prophet so she may have seen a prophecy that Maggie would make this “magic” think that helped them find Atlantis. So she was assigned to this “mission” so Atlantis is not descovered. She even tried to seduce the character then she told Maggie what happened.

    3)Talia’s name also comes from the Greek name “Thalia” that was a godess of pressure.

    4)There is a proplem with the translations in Greek. “You” is the same in English toward one and more people. In Greek there are two different words. So in the conversation between Athena and Hera it is translated to more people(Or to respect that I dont think there is any at this). So I would suggest look for this in the near future.

    I dont know if you will continue in this “Pandora universe” but if you do I am really looking forward to what is next!!!!

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