Pandora Part I download link

Hey! Happy 2016 to y’all!

Here is the download for Part I of Pandora so you can play it offline

(For the sake of good conscience I have to state that I do not allow anyone to use this game for any purposes beyond domestic enjoyment. So no permission to play it on your sites or to put it to download anywhere else)

Part II is already 170 pics for the first scene and it isn’t over yet. It’s almost a third of Part I that had like 13 scenes… Oo

5 thoughts on “Pandora Part I download link

  1. In Part One Maggie was awesome; but the sex involving her and Kean was unrealistic and in Kean’s case inconsistent with his previous characterisation. Artistically it was a triumph though. I still can’t wait for part two as there were so many intriguing loose ends in part one and Maggie is my kind of heroine. Kean is a great character too and his hesitancy so much more real to life than almost all of the heroes you see in these games.

    The story has clearly inspired you creatively; I hope you can find the time to move things forward and get part 2 out while everyone is still remembering just how good part one is. The fact that Jessika is now out will help; it looks like it is getting a lot of appreciation from people who have played it

  2. I loved Pandora. Maggie is so cute. The only requests for part 2 and disappointed in part 1 is, make them actually kiss and not JUST fondle each other, and maybe have her shave the cat or trim it up a little. Maybe even make it a mission or something? Like, she asks your opinion, and she lets you do it for her, or you can decide not to trim it if you like that sort of thing. I’m American, so I’m definitely not a Bush man though. Lol. But yeah, other than those minor drawbacks, it was a fantastic game and I really enjoyed it alot. Thank you so much for making it, and I can’t wait for part 2.

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