New Tlaero/Mortze game going well


Tlaero and I have been working really well on our next game. I must say that it is looking quite good. Tlaero is writting a really cool piece!

Tlaero told us that this game was going to be shorter than Dreaming with Elsa. Mmhh, something tells me that it isn’t quite true. We are currently at 632 pics, and by my calculations I still have about 300+ pics to do. So, about the same size of Elsa’s game. Really neat!

Tlaero is giving me the oportunity to render beautiful and sexy ladies and there isn’t much more a dude can ask for.

I can’t say much more about the game. You’ll have to ask Tlaero really nicely, I guess.

Keep in touch.



9 thoughts on “New Tlaero/Mortze game going well

  1. Hi First of all thank you for pandora game really good game and second When published pandora 2 because ı am waiting and impatient
    My English is not very good ı am know and ı am sorry
    I hope you understand me thank you for all and waiting for your answer

  2. Hi emirtokan,
    Thank you for your praise of Pandora. It will take some time for Part II to come out but I’m working on it. You have to be a little patient. Cheers.

  3. I really look forward to your next game.
    You two make a great team.

    I personally think you might be the best out there.
    Pusooy is great, but his newer work lacks some challenge and hurt my wrist (the one with which I control the mouse… or what did you think??).
    Leonizer’s lesson of passion games are visually very good. But the girls are too oversexualized in my oppinion. I like it when the girls look like normal girls.
    Your games are a good balance between gameplay, storytelling and visuals.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the effort you put in this, both of you!

  4. Thanks guys!
    Pusooy’s art is awesome. It is because of him and thanks to him that I started this. He gave me good advice at first, and sometimes still does. I think his characters are very well designed! I do believe some of my characters have a Pusooy influence in terms of design. Maggie, mostly.

    1. Like I said 🙂 Pusooy is great.
      His art and storytelling have improved alot over the years. His art is one of the best. The girls (like I said) look like normal girls instead of pornstars like in leonizer’s games. Not that there is something wrong with that. It’s just not my taste.
      I just miss the challenge in his games now. It was fun to look for specific hotspots and the right movements to advance the game.

      So I just wanted to say that I think that your games blend art, storytelling and gameplay the best 🙂

  5. Hi . first of all I want to say im a big fan of your work . I can see you put alot of effort in your games and well your talented so the games is just “wow”
    Can i ask what kind of game are you an Thaero are working on right now . is it a sequence of dreaming with elsa or pandora or a whole other game
    If you dont mind me asking of course
    And will any game be released at chmrismas or the next year
    And keeeeeep up the good work
    And your awesome 😉

    1. Hey Hashiiim,
      Thanks man!
      The next game with Tlaero will be in the sequence of Dreaming with Elsa, but with new characters.
      If everything goes well it it should be released in the first half of next year. Same for Pandora Part II.

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