… I think I’ve made up my mind about downloadable version of Pandora.

I listened to your opinions and thank you for that. I also took into account my pledgers opinions at Patreon. And I’ve got to be fair. Double fair.

First, Pandora will be released for some pledgers as a reward. I know most of them do support without having rewards in consideration but still, it is nice to receive something in return for your financial contribution. Most didn’t care about Pandora being released freely, but some did. And with good reason in my opinion. Being supportive on Patreon is a sacrifice every pledger makes to help me making games and art. I must show them my apreciation acordingly.

Secondly, I believe that every person’s work and time should be apreciated. If I was rich, a mere verbal apreciation would suffice. But I am not. And if I want to spend time making the games you like I have to make it produce some income. Should I sell Pandora then? Well, I’d feel cheap if I did that.  And at what price? Any value below 10$? Not fair for pledgers who sacrifice more than that. Above 10$? Honestly I don’t think it’s worth that much.

I already give it freely in the online version, so I don’t think I’m refraining my art from anyone.

So, I will only release it for pledgers, and think about what to do with it whenever I finished the next game.

I hope you understand.



5 thoughts on “So…

  1. I think it’s the right choice.
    You can again evaluate the situation in some months when i ope you will have much more patrons from which asking opinion, because the decision is your, but it’s right listen who supports you.
    In any case even if the future the majority of them would accept without a problem a release of the downloadable version and you will have an adequate income from Patreon, if too much find wrong an immediate release I think you will have to release the downloadable version first only to patrons and to all only after several months if not an year, so that they feel to have something more for their support.

  2. I agree. Although I would definitely pay for this game (and any others you make!), this seems like the best option. Plus, since it can already be played for free, no one should complain…

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