Pandora is here. What about the downloadable version?

Yup. The game is on. You can play it here on this site for free.

I’ll probably also put the game on PlayForce One if Leonizer allows me to migrate some of the traffic.

I know you guys would like to have a downloadable version of the game. Well, you won’t like to hear this but… I’m all pro in providing free games to play. That’s why it is free to play online. But I need to make a revenue of the time invested in making the games. And while donations and pledges are a generous source of revenue (thanks to all donators and pledgers) it isn’t a secure one. Also, providing free download might (and will, inevitably) result in misuse of the game by dishonest people, who will use the game for their own gratification, without consulting me. I know that selling the game will have the same result but it’s that or not providing the game at all. At least I’ll have some compensation. I hope you do understand.

I’d like to have your opinion on that matter.

How should the Pandora download be?

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14 thoughts on “Pandora is here. What about the downloadable version?

  1. Well, a downloadable version is certainly more handy, but I respect and share your reasons.
    Besides in this way we can not cheat seeing files and images 😉

  2. Do you want to sell the downloadable version, while the free version is online ?
    If I have understood bad sorry.
    It’s hard to give an opinion without more informations, like how much.
    I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, maybe the two things could be rivals, people could decide to buy the game instead to donate and there also people that could decide to not donate because you begin to sell.
    Maybe you could decide a goal that if you receive more than a definite sum each months your games will be downladable after 3-6 months also for not patrons, so you can begin anew to sell (in any case are always the new versions to sell better), anyway the only important thing is to be clear in what you want to do, when you have decided.
    Very interesting first game any.way

  3. Great game! I love it. Just like to have seen more of Kaori, I hope to have more scenes with her in the next part. And (please!) be sure to put an amazing sex scene with Rita in the second part of the game. Greetings from Brazil!

  4. well mortze, i loved the game. it’s amazing, really well structured both in the storyline and the carachters.
    the rendering is AWESOME no comparison at all with DwE… i liked that game also but the rendering quality is impressive in this game. so great work! if i should pay for a game i would definitely pay for yours.

    i think that pandora should be downloaded after a free donation, this wouldn’t let people down and, at the same time, grant you a few money for your Lovely game.
    i heard that people are more willing to pay if you let them choose how much, and surprisingly they’re quite generous usually.

    thank you for your work, i was skeptical at firs but you definitely made a great game.

    1. Thanks for that John.
      I don’t think there is such a gap between DwE and Pandora, graphics wise, but it is expected to have improved one or two things…
      Also, I believe that a scenario at sea has some beneficial impact since it is quite inovative in these type of games.

      A “choose your donation” option is up for consideration, yes.

      1. yes indeed, the sea scenario and the water renders were probably the best i’ve seen.
        the first picture with Poseidon showed it perfectly.
        thanks again, have a nice evening

  5. You can release the downloadable version immediately to patrons (you can decide what pledge) and to all when you release the next episode (or maybe after 2 episodes like shark).

  6. A small suggestion.
    Currently it is not clear if a single donation would allow a person to download:

    a) All the episodes of the game (currently released and future)
    b) All the released episodes available at the time of the donation but not future episodes
    c) Only a single episode

    Knowing the above may help people make a decision.

  7. My vote is for any donation minimum $1. With a choice of pay per game with a direct paypal/etc link or automatically with patronage. Maybe this will upset some of the people pledging more currently, I’m not sure.

  8. Of course everyone is going to vote, “free!”

    Personally, I think the smart move is some paid content. The people here who have become your fans have learned of your talent because why? The free content you offered. Since there was no pay wall, people were able to find your work and then tell others about it. Thus, charging for a download version may send some fans packing.

    Using the Patreon model is a great idea, but you have to balance out the rewards vs the continued positive promotion of your work. It looks great and you should be compensated for all the time, energy and resources. If you make a download version only for your patrons, that may increase your compensation but it will turn off other fans. In an attempt to balance this, you’ll see chaotic releases a game just to members and then takes an older, or previous member-exclusive and makes it free. Doesn’t Wolfschadowe have bonus scenes available in BEW for people contributing? That idea works a bit better in my opinion because it keep the momentum of discussion and promotion of your work current.

    In my opinion, I think you should offer a free download. Make a Patreon level for patrons to get an early release of it. Then, make the download free 2-3 weeks later. Now, for other levels of paid contribution add additional scenes. For example in your original story, you just have the doctor giving the main character “a hand.” In a different Patreon reward tier you could say there was a bonus scene with the doctor. Does that make sense? You could tease readers/players with characters like the professor’s attractive assistant or the helicopter pilot in the free download. If they’re fans of that character or your work, they’ll want to upgrade to the bonus version.

    Just an idea. I know it’s not perfect, but obviously your art deserves compensation. No one is going to pay for anything without a taste of it to get them excited, so you certainly need to be sure there’s enough free content to sample. The balance between those 2 ideas is tricky and I wish you luck.

  9. I feel that there are elements that you can incorporate into the website to make it more valuable. But I do think that a downloaded version just for the internet conscious is the best approach and that to try to limit piracy is counter intuitive.

    It’s better to control what can be downloaded, and make the traffic on your webpage more valuable therefore making people more interested in using the legitimate method.

    1. Addendum: I feel as though the web version is buggy when it comes to selecting some story elements, like for example going in to help the girl in the tank. Getting out of the pool sooner, or not staring at the girl’s boobs and other body parts in the pool. Might just be because it’s still in beta though.

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