Tub scene done! (or at least the rendering…)

So, there is this scene in Pandora, that happens in a hot tub. Well, I finally rendered it all. Some things I might remember to put there will be bonus. There is this thing, as an erotic game creator, that I find funny. I don’t know if that happens to fellow artists and writers. See, this kind of games are done around a sexual build-up. The major fun scenes are near the end of the game/story. Myself, I use to render and write things in order so I don’t get lost, or to be able to change things along the trip as I change my mind quite often. And if that build-up works great for players, it also works for me, as a creator. This was a nice scene to render because it has some naughty bits. What is more fun is that from now on the naughty bits will come more often! What a nice way to spend a day.

More pics loaded on Patreon too.



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