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Updating: Saving Chloe, Shorts and next projects!

Been a while now. I haven’t updated here on the site since the release of Pandora Part II. Frankly, I find it a little redundant to have to update in two places at the same time. Putting it simple, you must already know that we have a Patreon page, here and we do updates there EVERY WEEK J Those updates are public, meaning that you don’t have to be a Patron, you don’t have to be registered at all, to follow those updates. Just check in there every week. If you want to be our Patron the better J you’ll get perks such as weekly sexy pictures and releases ahead of the public.


We’ve launched Saving Chloe early this month. It’s now available here, both for play and for download. It was a huge enterprise, our biggest game so far. I’m very happy with the result. I hope you’ll like it. It puts an end to the Elsaverse arch we’ve been developing. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any Elsaverse stories next. It just means that this particular story chapter is closed. We might revisit the characters in other stories though.


I’ve also posted our Shorts stories we’ve been given Patrons and also been posting at Shark’s forum. It’s a bunch of small games, novels or illustrated texts that enhance the experience of our games set in the Elsaverse.


What’s next?

We’ve decided to try a new approach in releasing content. We’ll release episodes instead of only a full game. We decided to try that because we used to launch a game and then disappear from the map for 6 or 8 months while making the next game. We don’t want that anymore. We want to release more content more often. Our next games will be in that format, much like a TV show. The released episodes will condensate in a “season” that will be the full game. That means that if you don’t like the episodic format you can wait the usual 6 or 8 months until we release the full game version. I think that, with that method, we please those who want small but more released games and those who prefer long games like we’ve been doing.

As usual, Patrons might have the benefit of getting the episodes earlier. We’ll still release all of it for free eventually, probably at Shark’s forum. I’ll, again, advise you to follow our Patreon page to get updates on that.


There are 2 games that we’ve started working on. The first is a revisit to Tlaero’s great success Getting to Know Christine. This game will be called Coming to Grips with Christine. We’ll follow Christine and Adrian in a new set of challenges and (spicy) adventures.

The other game will be much darker in tone. It will be set in the Elsaverse but with entirely new characters. We’ve taken inspiration in CSI and X-Files so it’s no big spoiler that investigation will be a big part of the game. There will be erotic motives in this one but not as much as our previous games.

We’ll release the episodes one first and the other after. That way, people who don’t like one or the other just have to wait for a month or two to follow their favorite game. I hope you’ll like both.


Stay tuned!





Pandora is done and ready to play!

Hello folks,

Some time since our last talk.

I’ve been very busy finishing Pandora. It’s done! It’s ready to play here on the site or you could download it. Just go to the Pandora page.

The reason why I haven’t talked much here is because I’m fully involved with my Patreon page where Tlaero and I talk about our progress with the current games. We also post nice little gifts there, four our patrons, like short stories, nice and sexy pictures, and get everyone involved with our games.

Each week the patrons also get a nice picture I render. All good stuff 🙂

You don’t have to be a paying patron to follow our updates there. We make them public. So if you want to follow me and Tlaero, and our games, just tune to our Patreon page.

I hope you like Pandora! Sail well.



Finding Miranda, finally!

Hello everybody,

It’s been time for an update and there are great news. Finding Miranda is done! Tlaero and I have finished the game and I uploaded it here, on the site (Games menu) where you can play it and even download it for personal and private usage only folks.

It is the first game entirely rendered in IRay that we’ve done. I hope the story, gameplay and art, are of your liking.

I’ve been absent from updating the site in the last months because I was very focused on finishing this game. As some of you may know by now, my focus will be on Pandora Part II solely from now on. I’ll have Tlaero help me with the coding, English writing, and script. I’m very excited to have her on board the Pandora!

As for now, maybe as an early Xmas gift, I dare you to play Finding Miranda and I hope you’ll enjoy playing it as much as we did making it. Please, let us know your feedback, reviews, critics and ideas!

Cheers to y’all!


Some interesting news this July!

Hello guys!

I hope you’re still following MortzeArt! I know I’ve been faulty in updates but here is one cool.

No, Pandora part II isn’t ready but I’m working on it. I’ve resumed the work on Finding Miranda too. Tlaero’s writing and plot is just too good to put the game on stand-by. I hope to finish Pandora part II soon, but if not, you’ll have another game by Tlaero’s with my collaboration which, we must convene, is utterly awesome! I must say this whole plot in the Elsaverse is getting cooler and cooler!

So, the news is that I’ve been approached by someone who, like myself, wants to start producing erotic games and needed an artist. His game is more akin to the RPG sprited style that remembers us fondly playing with Secret of Mana, or Zelda: A Link to the Past, on the SNES (in my case). From what I’ve played (tested) so far it looks rather fun!

My condition though was that my collaboration in this new game would be limited to a few pictures monthly so I could still focus on Tlaero’s and my games.

He just started and launched his own Patreon page, which I strongly advise you to visit HERE.

You can find there a beta demo of what the game is. Here follow a bunch of pictures I made for the demo.

As a side note, on PlayForce One, Pandora lost a few ratings and isn’t in the top 10 anymore, but I’m comfortable with the fact that it is an unfinished game. I’m working with Tlaero towards releasing the full Pandora (part I and part II) as soon as I finish the second part. No need to have both parts separated. I’ll need to considerate an option for jumping directly to part II for those who have already played the first part.

Thank you again for following my progress! Big cheers!


scene3 scene18 scene16 scene15 scene11 scene7

Been a while!

Sorry people, it’s been some time since I post something here.

Things have gone alright lately, lot of work besides 3d rendering. My hope is that I’ll soon make enough to drop my “day” job and dedicate myself entirely to making 3d art and games.

I’ve been rendering more pics for Part II of Pandora. As time passes, and with RfJ experience, I discover new techniques and details that enhace each pic overall quality (from my point of view of course). There are still plenty of pics to render though. Since Pandora wasn’t supposed to be split between 2 games I have to add more content in this second part. And it has to be meaningfull content. Not just sexy parts (although I do know everybody loves sexy parts 🙂 ).

I’ve been acquiring more 3d content too and instaling it. Jeez does it take time! But it is very important to try and get more and diversified content for out stories. We don’t want our ladies with the same clothes and haircuts do we? And yes, they have to wear clothes sometime! But, there is so much more, like accessories, props, vehicles, and shades, lots of shaders.

I’m more and more excited about IRay I must say, That engine has a way to add realism to every scene. Here, rendered with IRay, we have Rita and Farik. The downside is that it takes so much time more to render because I don’t have a good GPU. Don’t get me wrong, my GPU IS good for anything but IRay rendering. A GeForce GTX 970 Turbo is an awesome piece of hardware but I’d need more cuda cores and GPU memory to make a migration to IRay a possibility. At least the triple capacity I have.

Changing the subject, I’m very happy. Lots of people has shown their apreciation and support for my – still recent – start at 3D art. Tlaero has been a huge help, and confident, and also a huge supporter, as I started this career. She’s indeed a reference in 3d erotica. Do not forget to give her your apreciation too! There wouldn’t be a Mortze without a Tlaero.

I’ve also been helping Puso writing his next game. Be sure to stop by his place!

Write to you soon again.ritafarikiray

Pretty colourfull right?

Redemption for Jessika


Proud the announce our next Tlaero/Mortze game: Redemption for Jessika.

This is a new game, with more than 1300 pages, and more than 1550 pictures. It is the biggest game we have done so far and it has some new gameplay features. We’re very excited about this.

The game has been released ealier for our Tora Productions Patreon supporters and will be also released earlier for the supporters at my Patreon page.

The public release will be in a week, either here, and also at Shark’s Forum and Playforce One.



Pandora Part I download link

Hey! Happy 2016 to y’all!

Here is the download for Part I of Pandora so you can play it offline

(For the sake of good conscience I have to state that I do not allow anyone to use this game for any purposes beyond domestic enjoyment. So no permission to play it on your sites or to put it to download anywhere else)

Part II is already 170 pics for the first scene and it isn’t over yet. It’s almost a third of Part I that had like 13 scenes… Oo

New Tlaero/Mortze game going well


Tlaero and I have been working really well on our next game. I must say that it is looking quite good. Tlaero is writting a really cool piece!

Tlaero told us that this game was going to be shorter than Dreaming with Elsa. Mmhh, something tells me that it isn’t quite true. We are currently at 632 pics, and by my calculations I still have about 300+ pics to do. So, about the same size of Elsa’s game. Really neat!

Tlaero is giving me the oportunity to render beautiful and sexy ladies and there isn’t much more a dude can ask for.

I can’t say much more about the game. You’ll have to ask Tlaero really nicely, I guess.

Keep in touch.



What I’m up to

Hello y’all.
Things are going well. I’ve been pretty busy.

As for now I’ve been doing:

  • Pandora Part II
  • A shortie novel (this one is just a novel, not a game) for the pledgers in Patreon; it’s half through and I believe it will be finished this week or the next.
  • The new game with Tlaero
  • A new game for Lession of Passion Gold.
  • My job

I’m giving priority to Tlaero’s game, because, 1/priority should always be given to wonderfull ladies , 2/it’s a free game, and 3/it’s turning out pretty cool.

You’ll say that it’s not good to work on so many fronts because you don’t really advance in any of them. I’ll say that it is correct. But, besides the shorties, which I think is important for pledgers, that would have to wait for Pandora Part II to be released, to have some goodies in the meantime.

The games with Tlaero will always be upfront in my schedule. I’vealways been clear on that.

And as for the new game for LoPGold, the offer fell out of the sky and it wouldn’t be unwise to not learn from this experience. LoG sites and staff have a long and fruitfull experience and I can only learn from them. Those guys rock in 3D art.

My job, well, because.

Many people has been asking the ETA for Pandora Part II. Sadly, I can’t really tell. But what I can tell is that I’m rendering a lot of pics for each one of those projects, and my purpose is to have a more or less constant release of works for you. I do not want you to wait 6 months or more for any piece or work I do.




… I think I’ve made up my mind about downloadable version of Pandora.

I listened to your opinions and thank you for that. I also took into account my pledgers opinions at Patreon. And I’ve got to be fair. Double fair.

First, Pandora will be released for some pledgers as a reward. I know most of them do support without having rewards in consideration but still, it is nice to receive something in return for your financial contribution. Most didn’t care about Pandora being released freely, but some did. And with good reason in my opinion. Being supportive on Patreon is a sacrifice every pledger makes to help me making games and art. I must show them my apreciation acordingly.

Secondly, I believe that every person’s work and time should be apreciated. If I was rich, a mere verbal apreciation would suffice. But I am not. And if I want to spend time making the games you like I have to make it produce some income. Should I sell Pandora then? Well, I’d feel cheap if I did that.  And at what price? Any value below 10$? Not fair for pledgers who sacrifice more than that. Above 10$? Honestly I don’t think it’s worth that much.

I already give it freely in the online version, so I don’t think I’m refraining my art from anyone.

So, I will only release it for pledgers, and think about what to do with it whenever I finished the next game.

I hope you understand.